Is Rebekah Brooks guilty?

Rebekah Brooks, a former secretary who became the most powerful woman in British media, has consistently denied knowing about the hacking of voice-mails at her newspaper.

Today, Rebekah and her millionaire husband were arrested in a dramatic twist regarding a possible cover up of the extent of phone hacking by those at top of Rupert Murdoch’s British newspapers.

Rebekah Brooks is one of 6 people arrested today and detained by detectives on the charge of suspected conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Police believe there may have been a plot to conceal the extent of phone hacking at Murdoch’s British newspapers after the launch of the Scotland Yard investigation. The New of The World has been accused of destroying millions of emails as allegations and lawsuits related to phone hacking were emerging.

The arrests are an embarrassment for the Prime Minister who is a friend of her husband, Charlie Brooks, from their Eton schooldays and he even has a house near to them. Despite belonging to the same social circle, David Cameron has distanced himself from today’s developments as he begins his 3 day tour of America. A spokesman stated: “It is an operational matter for the police. You wouldn’t expect him to comment on it.”

This is the second time she has been arrested. Mrs Brooks, who was a former editor of the News of the World, resigned as chief executive of News International, another of Murdoch’s newspapers,  last July. Shortly after, she was arrested on suspicion of conspiring to hack into voice-mails and making illegal payments to police.

23 people have now been arrested since the investigation into allegations of phone-hacking by journalists was launched last January.

The phone hacking investigation is just one of three linked investigations. The second is investigating alleged corrupt payments of police officers  and the third is looking into allegations of computer hacking.

No wonder people have lost faith in the integrity of the media! At least they are finally being punished for their actions. These journalists have no moral compass when it comes to getting a story on the front cover and I am happy to see that they probably won’t get away with it either.


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